About us

Togas Group of Companies, a pioneer in textiles, originated in Greece and dating from the early 1900s, invites you to a world of luxury, fine taste and impeccable style in the world of home textiles. A company rich in tradition and heritage, Togas uses only the highest quality fabrics and materials to produce a full range of products for the whole house. For almost 100 years, expertise and knowledge of the textile industry have been passed down for three generations of family business always endeavoring to bring its own ideas to the company, thus enabling to maintain its primal quality and innovation throughout the company history.

Nowadays while Togas is proud of its history and Greek heritage, it is now a global company with offices in Greece, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey, and India, manufacturing products around the world according to the strictest environmental standards and ecological guidelines, collaborating successfully with partners and suppliers to produce only the very best quality throughout the vast assortment range for our customers.

Using our in-house designers, our products are also inspired by our close involvement with these countries and our interest in their cultural trends. We have been able to create a holistic interior decoration concept by offering our customers a complete assortment of bedding, terry products, sleeping products, table linen, decorative accessories, homewear, curtains and home fragrances as well as an exceptional bespoke service with made-to-measure fabric collections found in our 120 Togas boutiques and 57 bespoke Togas Couture Interiors boutiques. Togas constantly strives for creative innovations and designs implementing and developing them on new materials in the world textile market. The use of fabrics such as silk, cotton, “stone-washed” organic linens and lyocell are but a few of the extensive range of qualities our customers can choose from.


Throughout our history of almost a century we at Togas live by creating products that excel in quality and earn the confidence of our customers. As a company, Togas is constantly aware of the need to innovate and offer only the very best in home textiles. Tradition and heritage have allowed us to get the knowledge on the home textile sector on an international level, offering our customers private, commercial and public projects worldwide.

Our philosophy is based on family values, creating with every stitch and detail a company passion to aim for only the very best. Our understanding of aesthetics and merchandising perception offers our customer a unique, holistic experience to execute in every corner of the home. Togas always manages to create collections incorporating a compatible color pallet and immaculating style throughout the product range, allowing the customer to play, imagine and combine, ensuring a world of harmony and good taste to all places we call home.

House of Textiles

Togas House of Textiles is one of the leading brands of the Togas Group of Companies, offering an assortment of over 3,000 products for all the home, in over 120 retail boutiques. The creative richness of the artistic interior acts as a showcase for its extensive product range of bed linens, curtains, duvets and pillows, terry products, table linen, decorative accessories, home fragrances and baby collections, aiming to create a style of living for the complete home. Subtle details and elements of the“Art Deco” era are used within the boutique interiors, reminding us of the Togas family origins and heritage and enhancing the customers’ user and shopping experience. The Togas in-house design team always endeavors to bring unique, trendsetting, innovative designs to our collections, using only the highest production standards for all its products. Our Customer service team is always at the forefront of the Togas boutiques and is always available and sensitive to every customer’s needs, using their vast knowledge of our product range and the sensitivity in understanding and capturing the spirit of each customer individually. Our goal here at Togas is making a dream of an ideal home come true, where we inspire a world to live more beautifully in it.
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Couture Interiors

Togas Couture Interiors is another leading brand of the Togas Group of Companies comprised of more than 57 boutiques in the retail industry. Emphasizing on the bespoke world of home textiles, Togas Couture Interiors offers immaculate taste, fascination and quality to all its customers. Our in-house design bureau creates only the most exclusive designs on the highest quality fabrics only. Together with Togas’ history of experience and expertise, we offer exclusive services of made-to-measure, bespoke tailoring, professional consulting services, all transpiring into top quality results for all your home interior.